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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change NGO Observer Organization

Since the early days of the climate change Convention, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been actively involved, attending sessions and exchanging views with other participants, including delegates. It is recognized that this involvement allows vital experience, expertise, information and perspectives from civil society to be brought into the process to generate new insights and approaches. Furthermore, the access and participation of observers to the process promotes transparency in this increasingly complex universal problem. Such participation flourishes in an atmosphere of mutual trust which acknowledges respect for others and their opinions, and takes into account the nature of intergovernmental sessions.

Ocean Expert: Directory of Marine & Freshwater Professionals

OceanExpert is a product developed in 1997 under the auspices of the IODE Group of Experts on Marine Information Management (GE-MIM). OceanExpert is a free product but can be used only for non-profit purposes. As an individual professional you are welcome to add your information to the database. If you would like to collaborate with the OceanExpert project by coordinating input for your institution or country then please contact us. In order to improve global coverage of the database we are constantly looking for national or regional input coordinators.

Washington State Ocean Policy Advisory Group

The Pew Ocean Commission and the US Commission on Ocean Policy both recommended a regional approach to issues of ocean resource management. The concept makes sense in theory: "ecosystem-based" management will require thinking and acting across a geography defined by natural features rather than jurisdictional boundaries, and tackling the complex issues of ocean management effectively will require local expertise and leadership. But despite strong consensus on the need for and benefits of a regional approach to ocean governance, how to do it in real places is not clear.

Collaborative on Health and the Environment

The Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE) is an international partnership committed to strengthening the scientific and public dialogue on the impact of environmental factors on human health and catalyzing initiatives to address these concerns. CHE has been instrumental in leveraging mainstream health-affected constituencies in the environmental health science revolution and engaging researchers, health professionals, and environmental health and justice advocates from diverse sectors. Founded in 2002, CHE is an international partnership of over 4,000 individuals and organizations in 45 countries and 48 states, including scientists, health professionals, health-affected groups, nongovernmental organizations and other concerned citizens, committed to improving human and ecological health.

Science Connect – Ambassador

This is a list of each Science Connect Ambassador that has created his/her own wiki page. To get access to the wiki page of your country amabassador just click on his name.

Shorebird Sister Schools Program

The Shorebird Sister Schools Program is a science-based environmental education program designed to engage participants in learning about shorebirds and their conservation. The program was created to support a multi-national effort to protect shorebird populations and their habitats along all the major flyways.