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SeaTrust Institute

Dr. Lynn Wilson - Executive Director, CEO

Lynn leads SeaTrust Institute operations from Port Townsend, Washington. An active researcher, her primary expertise is in environmental policy and works actively at the intersection of science and policy issues. Current research includes climate change adaptation, oceans and human health, scenario development and education as capacity building for environmental resilience.
As the organizational Head of Delegation for the United Nations at the UNFCCC, RIO+20 and other multilateral regimes, she was an early proponent and active force for integrating the role of health into global climate change agreements. Lynn leads delegations to international meetings and oversees global research and educational projects. Closer to home, she monitors local coastal environmental change and ocean health issues, mentors PhD students, and develops community capacity for resilience to climate and environmental change.


Dr. Daniel Reed - Environmental Scientist, Education and Instructional Development

Daniel Reed spent most of his life growing up at the bottom of the beautiful Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee and received a Bachelor's degree in political science where he first became interested in sustainable development and public policy. His research interests drew him to the Master of Public Administration Program at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. His research work there primarily consisted on the evaluation of environmental and renewable energy innovation potential among the 50 U.S. states, specifically related to policy incentives and capability. He narrowed his research focus at the University of Tennessee where he obtained a PhD in Natural Resources and Environmental Policy. At the University of Tennessee he developed data inventories and conducted life-cycle assessments on both woody biomass (pellets) and cellulosic biomass (switchgrass). His research expanded on these life-cycle environmental impact assessments by connecting the valuable information these types of analyses offer policy makers.
While working as a conservation planner/scientist for a habitat conservation, he contributed to the plan in middle Tennessee for the protection of 23 rare and endangered species, and then became an environmental protection scientist/specialist for the state of Tennessee.  He is currently an Environmental Scientist for the Tenessee Department of Environment and Conservation.


Jennifer Mwangi - AWARE|Kenya Director, Program Manager and Hydrological Scientist
Jennifer Mwangi holds and MS in Environmental Engineering from Michigan Technological University. Her research on greenhouse gas over Lake Superior was honored with the Best Original Research award at the 2010 World Water Day conference. In addtion to her engineering expertise, Jennifer was a Red Cross Disaster Action Team Member as Case Worker (FEMA certified) and has volunteered for causes such as Habitat for Humanity. She began with SeaTrust Institute as a an Early Professional Intern, Water and Climate Change in 2014 and is now Program Manger. As a native Kenyan, she has a particular interest in water issues in Africa.
Her primary interest is implementation of water security plans in developing countries. She leads research and education initiatives for various climate change adaptation projects at SeaTrust Institute in the US and internationally and is the Director for AWARE|Kenya projects which began operating within Kenya in 2016.


Stellah Njambi Kimani - Research Team Lead 1

Stellah Njambi Kimani was born and raised in Kenya. Now in the United States, she is a 4th year student at The Ohio State University studying Medical Laboratory Sciences with aspirations to be a medical doctor.
As an intern for SeaTrust Institute, she has developed from a new researcher into a valuable research asset and now trains research interns in SeaTrust Institute research protocols.  She is especially cognizant of the importance of collaborating as a team to raise awareness by understanding the community's needs and developing ideas that improve living conditions without disrupting daily activities. Stellah says, "My commitment to be with SeaTrust Institute is for the best interest in others."


Nelson Chege- African Program Legal Liaison

Nelson Chege resides in Nairobi, Kenya and is in the 2017 class for the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at Kenyatta University.
As African Program Legal Liaison, he interfaces with local Kenyan governental and communitiy organizations to help build partnerships for adaptation and work with the SDGs, and to expand SeaTrust Institute educational and consulting programs. Nelson brings policy experience from working with the Sri Lanka embassy in Nairobi and has undertaken International Law and International Law of the Sea and brings a special understanding of the technicalities of UNCLOS as well as the Convention of Biological Diversity (1993) which plays a major role in sustainability.


Penny Lorenzo - Attorney. Curriculum Development and Education Specialist

Tomicka Williams - ABD (Public Policy and Homeland Security Coordination). Security, Disaster Risk Specialist

Betsy Tomei - MBA. Project Manager, Technology Specialist and Educational Programs Coordinator


2016 Projects Team

Janos Csala - Policy and Water Research Intern, 2016
Janos is a native of Hungary with an interdisciplinary academic background in governance, peace studies and sustainable development. He is completing his bachelor in International Public Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences next year. As an intern at SeaTrust he will contribute to research on water security in Africa and the Sustainable Development goals.


Jenna Smith - Environmental Education and Social Media Intern, 2016
Jenna is a Chicago native and recent graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in International Affairs with a regional focus in Latin America. Using her background in environment, politics and social justice, and her learning from travel and living abroad, she is now working with SeaTrust Institute in environmental education, social media, and as a youth representative for the Resilient Cities Project.

Somi Yun - Cultural Liaison and Environmental Education Intern, 2016
Somi Yun comes to SeaTrust Institute from Busan in South Korea. She is an international student at the The Ohio State University studying biology with a minor is studio art. Somi studied marine biology at Pukyong National University before transferring to OSU, and is now in her senior year with aspirations to become a medical doctor and find a way to combine medicine with her artistic endeavors. Somi is a SeaTrust Institute Cultural Liasion and research assistant.


Tod Nakahira - Intern, Environmental Economics, Urban Environmental Adaptation and Resilience
Tod is a student at Willamette University in Salem, Oregin, majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in ; Politics & Economics. He is passionate about the role of economics in sustainable development and environmental decisions and is an active team member in SeaTrust Institute's research on the SDGs and contributes to the educational AWARE programs.


Natasha Chakaodza- Environmental Economics and Education Intern, 2016
Natasha is a native of Zimbabwe living in Columbus, Ohio. She has studied economics and is a contribuing team member to SeaTrust Institute's AWARE family of educational programs.



Dr. Carolyn Stevenson - Education

Former Director of Eduction and Special Project Lead, AWARE (Action Within a Resilient Environment) Veteran educator and qualitative research expert Carolyn Stevenson was the first Director of Education for SeaTrust Institute. She is also led the US and global youth programs for middle and high school students, AWARE in 2013 and 2014. Under her direction, the program began a forum for students to acquire public service credits required for high school graduation in many US cities as well as experiential environmental education that enhances applications to top universities while giving back to their local communities. Carolyn has over 15 years teaching and administrative experience in higher education.


Frank Beres - Marine Biology, GIS and Fisheries
Frank continues to be a resource for SeaTrust Institute in marine biology, ecology, fisheries sciences, research and GIS. He was Science Education and Hydrology Research Intern, 2014-2015, USA. While working on his Masters degree in Biology with a focus on ecology and ecosystem/natural resource management at Southern Connecticut State University, he contributed research to SeaTrust Institute on vulnerability andrResilience to climate and environmental change. He has special expertise in aquatic systems and fisheries science.


2014/2015 project staff

Anika Giftge - Research Intern, Vanuatu 2014-2015, Germany. Anika contributed original research about resilience development and disasters in Vanuatu to SeaTrust Institute while completing her Masters degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen working on the role of adventure tourism in the recovery of Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam
Grecia Barcena - Field Research and Education Intern, 2014, International Business student, Mexico. Grecia was a student of Interntional Business from Mexico. As a World Organization of Scouts member, she participated in The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP19 meetings and became a residential intern for SeaTrust Institute for SeaTrust Institute field projects in the Pacific Northwest, Nigeria and Vanuatu, and was part of the SeaTrust Institute UNFCCC delegation to Peru in December 2014.
Lara Applegate - Field Research Intern, Halcyon Adaptation Scenerio Pilot, 2013, 2014, USA. Lara led a SeaTrust Institute community-based adaptation scenario development pilot project in Zambia while completing her undergraduate degree at Missouri University of Science and Technology.
Andrew Mahoney - Intern 2015, USA. Andrew served as a project assistant, AWARE representative and social media specialist forSeaTrust Institute during COP21 in Paris, while attending the University of New England.
Elise Kittrell - Science Education and Hydrology Project Intern, 2013/2014, USA. Elise was a graduate student at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Environmental Engineeringresearching the removal of heavy metals from water. She worked with AWARE students and helped develop water resource information for SeaTrust Institute.
Harleen Marwah -Youth Liaison for SeaTrust Institute COP21.
2013 project staff
Lara Applegate - Field Research Intern, Halcyon Adaptation Scenerio Pilot, 2013
Abigail Blue -Climate Migration Reseacher/MPA graduate student
Josh Smedsrud - Information Technology Specialist