Wecome 2016-2017 Interns & New Staff


Nelson Chege - African Program Legal Liaison Nairobi, Kenya


Intern Janos Csala from Hungary studying International Public Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences

Intern Tod Nakahira, Environmental Science, Politics Economics at Willamette University

Intern Jenna Nicole Smith, Graduate of University of Colorado is working with SeaTrust Institute AWARE, social media, and as city representative for AWARE|Academy

Intern Somi Yun from South Korea is studying biology at the Ohio State University and is a new SeaTrust Institute Cultural Liasion and research assistant

Intern Natasha Chakaodza - Environmental Economics and Education programs

Intern Anika Giftge, University of Applied Sciences in Bremen, Germany working on the role of adventure tourism in the recovery of Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam


Cost-Free Climate and Environmental Program for Global Teachers: REGISTER NOW for classroom access!

Intern Andrew Mahoney - University of New England, AWARE representative and social media specialist for COP21

Frank Beres, Intern from Southern Connecticut State University working SeaTrust Institute working on Vulnerability and Resilience to Climate and Environmental Change


Harleen Marwah - Youth Liaison for SeaTrust Institute COP21. Find out more about this amazing young woman.

NEW BOOK: Promoting Climate Change Awareness through Environmental Education -   BOOK Publication Date September 2015 by Drs Lynn Wilson and Carolyn Stevenson


SeaTrust Institute at the UNFCCC meetings, COP20 in Lima Peru


Projects, partners and programs

Action within A Resilient Environment - AWARE-

an educational community service global initiative

Publications and Partnerships

COP22 - Marakech

Special SeaTrust Institute Events

Side Event November 9, 2016 : Health, Habitat and Heritage 16:45-18:50 Mediterranean Room Blue Zone

"Desserts for the Decades" - an intergenerational collaborative event in the Blue Zone

New Educational programs - See the EDUCATION page for new programs to be shown at COP22

Climate & Environmental Policy


Capacity Building for Nurses & other First Responders


Education & Research Programs


Engaging People with Special Abilities in Climate Change Solutions - "The Forgotten Vulnerable Population"
Halcyon Adaptation Scenario(SM) & Community Adaptation- Caribbean/Pacific Islands


on the SDGs and women leaders' corporate engagement!
AWARE - In Your Community
Disaster Risk Reduction



SeaTrust Institute Vanuatu - A Pacific Islands Partnership

Uripiv Island Melakel Vanuatu:  Climate Change Adaptation Responses and Resilience


Climate Change and Health Activities in Zambia

Zambia Project photos

Join Our work!

Chiawa Village, Lower Zambezi River in Zambia - Halcyon Pilot: Working on Climate Change and Health Issues with local People

SeaTrust Institute is committed to regional and international interdisciplinary scientific research, education and policy.

We engage in scientific, use-inspired research projects of interest to policy-makers, other scientists and the public. Education and training programs help prepare a new generation of environmental leaders and offer critical knowledge to communities that need it to make better environmental, health and policy decisions.

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