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SeaTrust Institute and Nurses Across the Borders (NAB) have entered into an innovative partnership that draws on their individual organizational strengths in reaching across the global south and north to create a joint mission to augment the position of health within global and local climate change adaptation and mitigation policies and strategies.Nurses are

Capacity Building for Global Nurses on Climate Change, Policy Participation and Data Surveillance of New Developments in Climate Related Diseases

This project combines the two organizations' technical abilities and resources related to climate change and health, communications and databases technologies, life cycle assessment for climate related diseases such as malaria and dengue as well as other climate related health issues, expanded networks of experts and other resources to address building regional capacity to adapting to climate change. By tapping into this knowledge and disseminating it widely through training nurses and midwives - who constitute the largest single professional group in any health setting worldwide - SeaTrust Institute and NAB are engaging in local projects that help health professionals tailor their own local adaptation strategies around their specific climate change and health issues, collect meaningful health and climate surveillance data through available technologies, and participate in policy discussions and decisions that affect the communities in which they live, work and serve.

Peters Omoragbon Peters Omoragbon is the Nurse Liaison for this project. As a trained nurse and NGO executive, he leads Nurses Across the Borders Humanitarian Initiative NAB-HI in its global and local missions.

Executive President/CEO  Nurses Across the Borders Humanitarian Initiative-Inc.-(Nigeria & U.S.A)President: Diaspora Nurses Association of Nigeria-DNAN



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