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Coming In October 2013

SeaTrust Institute Community Service Program for High School and Middle School Students



Earn community service credits for high school graduation and valuable experience to show on university applications by working with SeaTrust Institute on environmental resilience projects in your local community!

AWARE combines environmental education with hands-on experiential learning projects in their communities.  Through education and experience with active scholars and professional practitioners, students gain an increased understanding of environmental challenges and ways to make a positive impact --  both domestically and globally. A student’s focus can be political, scientific or social.

Through experience, we know that the most effective environmental work is “Local to Global and Back Again(SM).” AWARE is framed around the Halcyon Adaptation Scenario(SM) which engages students with the science, engineering, social and policy processes that make their community more resilient to environmental change; AWARE involves students with interests ranging from chemistry and engineering to politics and social improvement.

This program also connects high school students with other high school and college students enrolled in Sea Trust Institute’s global Internship Program. High school students collaborate with students around the world who share similar interests and environmental issues. A unique opportunity, AWARE helps high school students build a life-long global professional peer network.